Hello there, I am Cindy and I am a designer enjoy building delightful experience for people. I am currently contracting with Pro Unlimited at Facebook in San Francisco Bay Area. Here are the following places I've worked for: MetaDesign San Francisco, California College of the ArtsChocolabs, Next Animation Studio and Earnest Creation

I am passionate in branding and product design. I do black and white photography in my spare time to explore the beauty in different places. Traveling and reading gets me inspired. Take a look of the typography exploration I did while traveling in Europe: Types in Europe. I am also into exploring interesting compositions, here is a study I did based on Architecture and Water. Last but not least, I love meeting new people! :)

My CV is available here. Contact me at hello@cindyhuanghsinyu.com for freelance opportunities, fun collaborations or to say hi! Or keep in touch with me on LinkedIn.

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