visual design | soy



Soy is a Chinese breakfast pickup service that helps foreign students to get homely breakfast on their way to school.
In China and Taiwan, breakfast vendors are everywhere on the street. Everyone can easily grab breakfasts togo on their way to office/school. Soy saw an opportunity to bring this idea into US by creating a breakfast pick up service that collaborates with local restaurants.
I worked with Soy to create platform that not only saves student's time on preparing breakfast but also promotes Chinese breakfast to local students.



Role: Product Designer
Type: Visual Design, Illustration
Client: Soy
Collaboration with: Bo-Tien Lee, Zhuneng Jiang, Landy Hao, Monica Xue
Year: 2016



How to stand out from the existing food delivery platform?

I joined Soy as a freelance UI/UX designer at the stage when they have already done the basic research, wireframe for the product. My job was to map out the userflow, develop the overall user experience and create the visual solution to ship the product. 
In the wireframe the team drafted earlier, they drew a quick order button on the feed page to save user's time in ordering breakfast. I tried different directions for the feed to make it more intuitive to use for the user, in the end we discover the original draft provides the best user experience.



Fast and clear

The goal of the visual design is to create a clean, intuitive interface for users to navigate easily in the morning. Soy limited the items under 5, which helped us to get rid of the navigation bar. 



How might we attract people to purchase something they are not familiar with?

By learning about how other brands build the trust with their customer, we choose to create Mascot of the most common Chinese breakfast. The mascot will appear around the brand to make it approachable and friendly at the same time offering knowledge of Chinese breakfasts.


The project on my side ended here right after I finished the illustrations due to the change of their business plan. The information above are the parts I have worked on this project with Soy.